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>> Side Scuttle
>> Window
>> Bilge Water Separator
>> Sewage Tratement Plant
Main advantages of Sanitary Water System.........
- Easy for on-site arrangement with compact size
-Independent module in function
-Integrating of system convenient for maintenance and service.
-Interface connection of cable and pipe only
-High quality component and pumps ect.
-Firm skid mounting suitable for marine and offshore applications.
-Customized design combine with owner demends.
Hunsun supplies complete Sanitary Water System for marine and offshore applications. It gives module design, which integrates with hydrophore, calorifire, UV sterilizer, Water filter, Water softener, icon exchanger etc. The system can be customized in skid and adapt to various working fields. All systerm are to be delivered after workshop test.
The system can be designed as functional module to meet the demands of on-site arrangement and for easy position onboard. The module with independent function and simple connection interface of cabling and piping is satisfied by shipyard for shortening period of shipbuilding.
Effluent particular ......
*Thermotolerant califorms : =,<100/100ml
*Total suspended solid : =,< 35mg/L
*BOD5 : =,< 25mg/L
*COD : =,< 125 mg/L
*PH value : 6~8.5
*Chlorine residual : =,< 0.5 mg/L